Flagstaff Chapter Two Hacked


Hacks for Flagstaff Chapter Two: 99 upgrade points

Don your armor, prep your spells, and grab your favorite fluffy towel; Flagstaff: Chapter Two is here! The next installment of Joel Esler's cute and silly RPG offers the same relaxed dungeon crawling as the first chapter, plus new enemies, new powers, and a new hero to play.

If you played Flagstaff: Chapter One, then the mouse-based controls of Chapter Two will be familiar. On your turn, click a character to control him or her. Click on the tile you want the selected hero to move, or pick a power and click on the character(s) you wish to target. You can only move your hero so many spaces a turn, and powers can usually only be used within a certain range, but Flagstaff intuitively shows you where these limits are. You can also move all your heroes at once, and you can speed up character movement by clicking again as they move. Once you have done everything you wish to do, click the "End Turn" button and see how your enemies react. As you defeat foes, you can level up by selecting a new power for one of your heroes, or by upgrading an existing power. Explore, kill enemies, level up, and figure out what is behind the dungeon's infestation.

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