GemCraft - Chasing Shadows Hacked


Hacks for GemCraft - Chasing Shadows: Press J add mana.

It's finally here, teh Steam version of Gameinabottle's latest Tower defense Game. Gemcraft is a series of uniqe TD games were you don't build specific towers, instead you craft gems with different propoerties and you can mix those gems to combine their powers. This gives you nearly unlimted possibilities how to play the game. Long range snipers with chain hit? Is there. Slowing Poison? Also in the game. How about a tower that crushes you with hue damge and get's even stronger the more it attacks? It's all in there.

For me the series is probably the best TD games ever. It is complex and hard, be ready to get crushed more than once. The high difficulty comes with the huge varity to play the game. The game has also a roleplaying component, you can unlock skills and level them, you get better yourself the more you play and there is even equipment.

The game features three basic towers. The normal tower is the simple shooting tower that you know from other TD games. It uses 100% of the proberties of the inserted gem. than there are traps. Traps deal far less damage but their special proberties like poison, slow, chain hit, wirk a lot better that the tower gems. Then tehre are amplifiers. They don't attack but add damage, range, speed and even special properties to nearby towers and traps, making them more deadly if used right.

The game features 9 different gems, slow, posion, mana steal (money steal), bloodbound (gets stronger with more hits), manabound (gets stronger with more mana), chain hit (hits multiple targets at once), critical damage, armor destruction and life suppress (monster regenrate heal, this gem prevents this).

You can mix the gems like you want, creating the dream gem you ever wanted. the game is been known to get literally destroyed by ambitious fans that find out every exploit that there is possible, making them unstoppable. Maybe yo want to be the one that finds a new exploit.

Play Now

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