Unreal Flash 3 Hacked


Hacks for Unreal Flash 3: Limitless health, ammo.

Survive as long as you can in this flash version of the classic game of Unreal. Your objective in this awesome arena shooter inspired by the popular game Unreal Tournament is to run, jump, collect weapons, kill your enemies and try survive as long as you can. You can play story mode or choose between four modes Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Instagib and King of the Hill.

How To Play

Take down enemies and become victorious in this action-packed 2D shooter.

Unreal Flash is back! Bigger, Better and way more explosive!

Jump: W
Move: A & D
Secondary Fire: Hold S
Quick Switch: Q

Cheat Codes:
Secret Team Unlocked: WHOARETHEMASTERS
Secret Map Unlocked: WHEREAMI
Matrix Mode Activated: ENTERTHEMATRIX
Play as Ironman: IMFROMIRONMAN
Play as Crash Dummy: ILOVECRASHING
Play as Mario: ITSAMEMARIO

Play Now

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