StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Hacked


Hacks for StrikeForce Kitty: Press J on/off limitless lives, K on/off limitless stamina, L add upgrade points.

The Princess Kitty has been captured by evil, foxes...and the Kitty King has sent you, his strike force, out on a rescue mission. Strike Force Kitty is on the job! This adorable new action arcade game by Deqaf Studio (makers of Dangerous Adventure) takes the familiar mechanic and turns it into a completely unexpected (and seriously amusing) geek fest. As you travel, you'll meet a cast of strangely recognizable characters, from V to Freddy to a certain tomb raider. And that doesn't even scratch the surface of wacky references. As your fox nemeses are banished, you pick up their costumes and weapons, outfitting yourself as all sorts of funny folks with special buffs ranging from critical hits to healing, and which can improve your health, attack, or stamina. So choosing your equipment and placing your stat points, granted from leveling up, is the key to success.

How To Play

Fortunately, the payoff in this game isn't just the rescue of the princess, but the game itself which is just plain fun to play. Leveling up is dependent upon gathering fish which count as points in the game, and winning an entire outfit from a fox requires multiple battles. But as you move through the new maps that open up after every boss is defeated, you'll be able to make more decisions regarding your gameplay.

Play Now

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