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Hacks for Minecraft Tower Defense: Very much money for killing your enemies.

If you've played Minecraft before, you'll love this game. The essence of the game is this: you have a house, it has your tower. Which you have to protect. But before you start defending you need to dig a road to your tower. For better apprehension of mobs (crypers, zombies, skeletons) we advise you to make the road winding and put your defense in the corners of the curved bends. Protection can be different: water, which delays the mobs, lava, which burns them, cactuses, which cause damage if they stumble upon. There are also 4 types of turrets, it's like such protective guns: the first, shoots in the mobile eggs, the second - snowballs, the third - arrows, and the fourth, most effective, shoots fireballs. Well, let's say we take and trap water, and near it the turret with arrows. And we get that the zombies get into the water, stop for a while there and the turret kills him. Everything is very simple. But it's only at first glance. Then, after reaching a large number of points, the number of zombies increases and their movement speed. Even if one zombie has reached your home, do not despair, he will take only 1 life out of 6. The fate of your home is only in your hands, do not forget about it, try to protect it with all your might.

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