Sift Heads World - Act 1 Hacked


Hacks for Sift Heads World - Act 1: After selecting a character, while playing, press the 6 button in order, then 5, then 7 to open the cheat menu. Codes for the cheat menu (see screenshots): MONEY get $5,000 in cash, REVIVE recharge the power, RELOAD reload the current weapon, SNIPE get a sniper rifle, BURST get a shotgun, HALLOWEEN get a special costume.

In this first episode, Vinnie has now officially merged with Kiro and Shorty. Vinnie and Kiro hide in their new headquarters, Shorty signals the presence of the Italian mafia. Since Winnie cleared the streets of Chicago many years ago, the mafia has been desperate to surface again. Vinnie and his gang are not going to let this happen and will go straight to the source of the problem to put an end to it.

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