Boss Rush Apocalypse Hacked


Hacks for Boss Rush Apocalypse: Press 1 on/off limitless health, 2 kill the boss.

You're in a very strange castle. It's very dark here and it's a feeling of something terrible, it's goosebumps. And it is not for nothing. Soon before you will appear a terrible monster like a soap bubble or ugly marshmallow. Thank God you still have weapons in your hands and you can safely go into battle. The main thing is, don't be afraid and attack, but remember that the monster will spit fire shells. You have to dodge them so that they don't hurt you. If you are hit, immediately try to kill the monster. After the fight, you will have two choices: weapons and health. You can only choose one thing. With each fight, there will be more and more of them and they will get stronger. Your goal is to stay alive. Good luck!

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